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Fall 2018 Important Dates Posted 7/31/18

Friday, August 10, 2018, 5:00pm - 7:00pm: Tryout registration and number pick up. EHS Gym.


Monday, August 13, 2018, 5:00pm: Tryout start.


Thursday, August 16, 2018: Last day of tryouts. Rosters posted by 10:00pm.


Saturday, August 18, 2018. Overnight trip to Hummingbird for Varsity.


Saturday, August 25, 2018. 4:30pm: Team Photos.

2018 Girls Soccer Tryouts Posted 6/24/18



Mon August 13 - Thurs August 16

Time: 5:30 PM

On Monday, we will meet early at the EHS Baseball Fields at 5:00pm for the fitness test. Bring shoes you can run in and plenty of water. 

Tryouts continue Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the EHS Baseball Field starting at 5:30pm and will end close to 7:00pm.

You must attend all tryout sessions in order to be considered.


You MUST have a tryout number in order to tryout.


Pick up your tryout number:

Friday, August 10th between 5pm and 7pm at the EHS Gym.

If you cannot pick up a number at that time, contact Booster Club President, Molly Roberts at:


  • Ball
  • Cleats
  • Shinguards
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Black shirt
  • White shirt
2018 Summer Soccer Information Posted 6/24/18

EHS Girls Soccer Faithful,

It's hard to believe, but High School soccer is only a few short months away and interest has already started ramping up, so we've put together some details regarding the summer schedule. Please forward this information as necessary. 


Coming to tryouts IN SHAPE is the most important step you can take in giving yourself the best opportunity to be a part of our program. It's our mantra that your fitness is your responsibility, as we have neither the time nor the inclination to get you in shape for the season. So spend your time over the summer wisely, get fit, and play a lot of soccer. 


Captains' practices (open fields) start the week of June 25th for those who want to participate. They will be held at EHS on the field adjacent to the track (West side of campus) every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 PM up until the start of tryouts. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate in these informal small-sided games. Bring a white shirt and a dark shirt, a ball, shin guards, and water.

Please note that days, times, and locations are subject to change.  

All activities prior to tryouts are OPTIONAL (and yes, we really mean optional). Our belief is that those of you who are serious about playing soccer for EHS will find time to play, and those that aren't, won't. They captains practices are designed for those who can't easily find a place to play otherwise, so take advantage of the common time/place to gather to get touches on the ball with your future teammates. 

We don't keep track of who shows up and who doesn't. In fact, you likely won't find any of the coaching staff around during these open field sessions. These sessions are meant to be for the players, by the players, and go a long way in establishing the tenor for the upcoming season. Every year is unique, and each team will set the standard for the kind of season EHS soccer will have. Will we be prepared? Will we be fit? Will we be ready mentally, physically, technically, tactically, and academically to play at our best? That is ultimately up to you, so take responsibility for your own preparation.


This year, we will be playing a series of scrimmages with La Cueva, Sandia, and the Albuquerque Academy during the last two weeks of July. These are varsity level events, and participation is by invitation only. If you are an incoming Freshman and would like to be considered for inclusion, your club coach must email me a letter of recommendation. Note: a letter of recommendation does not guarantee you will be invited to participate. The letter must include:

  • Club name

  • Team name

  • 2018 Spring record

  • Team's link

  • Club coaches' contact information


Tryout Number Distribution: Friday, August 10th at EHS Gym, between 5:00pm and 7:00pm.

Student Athletes must provide all paperwork if not already provided (final report card, physical, APS Athletic and Activity Code Form, must have an Athletic Information Card on file) to receive a tryout number. If you don’t have a tryout number, you can’t tryout, no exceptions.

Tryouts Begin: Monday, August 13th at 5:30pm at the EHS Baseball Fields.

Tryouts End: Thursday, August 16th 

  • Mandatory: Players must attend all sessions of tryouts to be considered

  • All required paperwork must be on file to participate in tryouts


  • Athletic Information Sheet                     

  • Physical Form 

  • Report Card (incoming Freshman will have grades assessed during first 6 weeks at EHS)                  

  • APS Athletic and Activity Code Form 

  • Concussion Management Course Certificate

  • All forms can be found at


Physical forms can be found on the EHS Athletics webpage (  Physicals must be completed and turned in before any activity, including Open Fields. Physicals are good for one year, so please check your completion date to be sure it will still comply come fall. 

You may email completed physicals to us at with "PHYSICAL" in the subject line. 


APS has put new standards in place for this coming fall. 

  • Use of Semester Grades Only – Academic Eligibility will be determined by semester grades (6/9 week marking period grades will no longer be used).  BUT, if a student is deemed ineligible at semester, he/she will be able to gain eligibility at the next marking period.  

  • If you have received an "F" in any course during the spring of the 2018 academic year, you are academically ineligible to play. You may, however, retake the course over the summer to regain eligibility, but it must be the exact same course. 

  • If you have an "F" at any point during the season, you will be academically ineligible. 

  • If you drop below a 2.5 cumulative GPA during the course of the season, you will be academically ineligible to play (APS' standard is 2.0 GPA, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard).


Last year, we had players attend every summer session and some that attended only one or two -- and players from both those groups made the varsity team. But the common denominator was that they were fit. Their touch was spot on. Their work rate was high. Their attitude was optimal. Their competitive spirit was firing. And their commitment was undying. 

Those are the qualities that separate elite players from the pack. So if your aspiration is to play varsity soccer at Eldorado this fall, take advantage of the time this summer to make sure you have these qualities in spades before showing up for tryouts.

Take advantage of the time you have to prepare and get yourself fit and ready to play. The coaching staff and I are looking forward to getting back out on the field with you all!

Go Eagles!

Coach Drew