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Apprenticeships, Trades, Jobs & Internships

apprenticeships & journeyman training


CNM's diverse trade programs: everything from plumbing to carpentry to beer brewing!

CNM Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp for you coders!

Court reporting & subtitle/captioning work: if you're a fast typist and want to make GOOD money, check it out! The closest school for training in court reporting and closed captioning is El Paso Community College

SIPI Community College in ABQ for Native American students has multiple excellent trade & Associate's degree programs


NM's Department of Workforce Solutions has super-helpful information about local internship opportunities! Check out their internship webpages here and here!

Sandia National Labs Internships

Explora! Museum Internships

Click for article about internships.

PAID Medical Internships at Presbyterian Hospital: graduating seniors only!

Presbyterian Hospital offers PAID summer internships (competitive program, must apply) to graduating seniors only.  Application and program criteria on website here. Nov. 2021 update: PROGRAM IS ON HOLD DUE TO COVID.

Sandia National Labs Internships

Apply online for prestigious and competitive SNL Internships, both summer and year-round.

explora! museum youth internship program

Explora! Museum in Old Town offers high school students a 3-year internship. May not be available during COVID: contact Explora! for up-to-date information. Details here.

work permits

Want to get a job during high school?  You need to be at least 14 years old and will need a work permit if you're under 16. Find the permit here and detailed information on the Department of Workforce Solutions website and here. Permits are good for 1 year. Eldorado's contact person to submit your work permit is Ms. Dion:

Companies that often hire EHS students:

  • Dion's
  • Smith's
  • Albertson's 
  • Flying Star
  • Many more!

culinary careers