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Class of 2023: Just for Seniors!

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Class of 2022 via Remind texts: 
  • Last names A - E: text @2023A-E to 81010
  • Last names F - J: text @2023F-J to 81010
  • Last names K - O: text @K-O2023 to 81010
  • Last names P - T: text @23P-T to 81010
  • Last names U - Z: text @2023U-Z to 81010


HOW DO I SEND MY OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT TO COLLEGES OR SCHOLARSHIP AGENCIES?: Your official transcript is an important part of your college application.  Many colleges partner with Parchment, a website our Registrar uses to send out transcripts. When you have decided what college(s) you're applying to, go to Parchment, create a free account, and order your official transcript sent to the college(s). (It may seem that you'll be charged money, but you won't.) 

Parchment Do's & Don't's:

  • DO type the full name of the college when you're searching for where to send your official transcript (e.g., University of New Mexico, not UNM)
  • DO take your time creating your account; if you make errors, it could be a big problem!
  • DON'T send an UNofficial transcript to a college; it's fine to order one just for yourself.
  • REMEMBER: you're ordering your official transcript; our Registrar will then send it to each college you select. YOU are not sending the college your transcript yourself!

FINAL TRANSCRIPT: When you decide which college you'll be attending, order your FINAL transcript to prove to that college that you've graduated. Go to Parchment, order the transcript, and SELECT "HOLD FOR GRADES", so the Registrar knows to send it AFTER your final grades are in and the graduation date is printed on the transcript.

EXCEPTIONS TO USING PARCHMENT: If you're applying to out-of-state colleges that use Common ApplicationCoalition Application or other specialized applications, Ms. Velhagen or your counselor (whoever you are working with on your recommendation) will upload your transcript, so DON'T request it from Parchment in this case.

UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS: You can print your unofficial transcript from the Course History tab in ParentVUE and StudentVUE. If your GPA and class rank are not available in this format, you can order one sent to yourself via Parchment or email your counselor for a copy of your unofficial transcript.


financial aid support for seniors!

WHAT IS THE FAFSA AND HOW CAN IT HELP ME WITH MONEY FOR COLLEGE?  Info here! Apply for the required FSA IDs (one for you & one for one parent/guardian) at FSA ID.

Ms. Velhagen's video on how to apply for FSA ID (Sept. 2022)

Ms. Velhagen's video on the FAFSA. (Oct. 2022)

Fill out the FAFSA here! You can fill out the FAFSA anytime during the year starting October 1, 2022 --the sooner the better, though -- and watch for colleges' "priority FAFSA deadlines".  E.g., UNM's FAFSA Priority Deadline is 1/5/23.

HOW DO I FIND SCHOLARSHIPS? Check out this scholarship list compiled by APS, and look up scholarships & sign up for scholarship search engines listed on the EHS Counseling website Scholarships page.

Check out these college & career planing videos on important topics by Ms. Velhagen!

HOW DO I RESEARCH COLLEGES? Check out some of the helpful search engines on the EHS Counseling website College Resources page. Look back over your YouScience Career Assessment results, too, for personalized suggestions!