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Updates as of August 2022

Many colleges have gone "test-optional", at least for admissions purposes, and many for scholarship awards, too. See the website of the college(s) of your choice for testing policy updates!

New Mexico Tech IS requiring test scores for the Class of 2023. College Board is no longer offering SAT Subject tests, and discontinued the (formerly optional) SAT Essay after June 2021.

Fee Waivers/Discounts ACT/SAT Registration

Both ACT and College Board (makers of SAT) offer fee waivers for their exams, bringing the cost to $0. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch at school or believe you would qualify for a discount based on your family's income, contact Ms. Velhagen or your counselor to ask about fee waivers! You may be eligible for up to 2 waivers for ACT and 2 waivers for SAT. These can also lead to discounts on college application fees. Pay attention to test registration deadlines and ask early: the waivers may count toward late registration fees.

Which Test(s) Should I Take?

All U.S. Colleges & universities accept both ACT and SAT!Submit whichever scores reflect your best performance! Check with the college(s) of your choice regarding their testing policy: do they require you to submit all scores? Just your best scores? Do they superscore (take the highest subsection from every test date to make a new, potentially higher composite score, sometimes even rounding up to the nearest whole number? (e.g., UNM does this.) Will they let you submit improved test scores that qualify you for a higher scholarship, after you've already been awarded a scholarship based on your lower test scores? (Some colleges do). Do they require the ACT or SAT optional writing section ? When in doubt, ask the college admissions or scholarship/financial department!


Students who qualify for APS Free or Reduced Lunch Program, or who meet specific income guidelines, qualify for up to two fee waivers for the ACT and two for the SAT (as well as waivers for college application fees). Students simply ask Ms. Velhagen for a fee waiver!

Other benefits: students who qualify for ACT and SAT fee waivers are also entitled to FREE college application fee waivers and free ACT & SAT test prep resources. Ask Ms. Velhagen for details!

Sign up for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program every year!