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Dual Credit

August 2022 Update: CNM & UNM require proof of vaccination for students taking in person classes!

Dual Credit Information In General

CNM Dual Credit

UNM Dual Credit

General Dual Credit Information

Are you are thinking about a Dual Credit course? Here are some important points to consider :

  • You must currently be a 10th, 11th or 12th grader (for CNM), an 11th or 12th grader for UNM.
  • You must attend a college that has a Dual Credit agreement with APS. (CNM and UNM are approved.)
  • You must take the Accuplacer placement test (available online during COVID) before selecting classes, or provide the college with your ACT or SAT scores, if you have them.
  • You must take courses considered credit-bearing/not remedial or developmental. Check with your dual credit advisor.
  • Courses are free (you do NOT pay tuition); however, you are responsible for lab fees, supplies and transportation. Fees are due within 24 hours of registration. UNM online courses may incur a $100 fee.
  • Textbook costs are covered. APS pays for the required textbooks for courses being taken. Textbooks are the property of APS and must be returned to APS at the end of the course. (See "Dual Credit Textbook Procedures")
  • Transportation and/or parking may be inconvenient.
  • The grade you earn in the course WILL be recorded on your EHS transcript. This is good …if your grade is a high grade…not so good if your grade is low or failing.
  • Dual Credit courses earn varying amounts of credit (1 – 2 higher education hours earn .50 high school credit, 3 – 4 higher education hours earn 1.0 high school credit) -- Again, this is good for a high grade, not so good for a low or failing grade
  • You need to have a high level of motivation.
  • Colleges expect students to be independent and self-motivated. There are no mid-six week progress reports or six week progress reports. The semester grade is the only instructor-generated grade.
  • Students & parents are responsible for class attendance. Unlike high school, there is not a call home when a student is absent.
  • You can only miss three classes at CNM per course/per semester before you are dropped. (It is with a “W”, withdrawal with no penalty if it is before the withdrawal deadline or with a “F”, failing, if it is after withdrawal deadline.)


Dual credit forms ask for your STARS ID. This is an ID # given to every student in NM. Sometimes it's the same as your Eldorado Student ID # and sometimes it differs. Ask the Counseling secretary or your counselor to look up your STARS ID.