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Medical Programs

Combined BA/MD Programs

The University of New Mexico Combined BA/MD Program

This highly competitive program accepts 28 students per year from across NM, and is designed to educate a new generation of doctors who commit to staying in New Mexico to practice medicine in underserved communities. BA/MD provides a full-ride scholarship for the undergraduate program, and students are reserved a spot in UNM's highly-rated medical school. See UNM's Combined BA/MD website for information and to apply, in the fall of senior year.

BA/MD programs at other universities

Students interested in going to medical school may want to investigate BA/MD programs at colleges & universities outside of NM.

Medical Volunteering / Shadowing

Considering a career in a medical field? It's important to commit time & energy to volunteer work in a clinical setting (hospital, doctor's or other medical specialist's office) and/or to shadowing a professional in the field you're interested in. This can be done in the summers or during the school year. Some hospitals, like UNMH, allow HS students to apply to volunteer in summers only. Presbyterian Hospital allows year-round volunteering. Contact those programs directly to apply, or think about volunteering for/shadowing doctors, nurses, dentists, PTs, OTs or other providers to prepare for a medical career.