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Applying to colleges using Common Application or SendEDU?

These specific college application programs require that transcripts be uploaded electronically by your counselor. In this case, please work directly with your counselor to ensure your transcripts -- including the required Midyear and Final Transcripts -- are uploaded. Colleges will specify on their websites which application process(es) they accept.

Information on Common Application here

Information on SendEDU here


  • Eldorado's Registrar: Ms. Carol Ellis
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: (505) 296-4871 x35071

Official Transcripts

Registrar sends official transcripts to colleges, educational institutions, and scholarship agencies.

Choose one of these two ways to request your official transcript:

1. Create a free Parchment account and indicate where you want your transcript(s) sent. (NOTE: You will need to have ACT and/or College Board (SAT) send your test scores directly to colleges separately.)

2. (NOT AVAILABLE DURING COVID RED PERIOD) Fill out a gold Transcript Request Form, located in front of the Registrar's office in the Counseling Department. Fill out the form neatly and carefully, paying particular attention to whether you want your ACT and/or SAT scores included on your transcript, and from which test dates. (NOTE: some colleges will accept test scores on an official transcript; some do not. Check with the college or university of your choice to see how they prefer your test scores to be sent.) Place the completed form in the folder marked Completed Transcript Forms, and the Registrar will process your request. Please note: it is your responsibility to contact the college or scholarship agency to ensure that they received and processed your transcript.

Transcript Fees

The first four transcripts are free. Thereafter, a $1 fee will be charged for each additional transcript (cash only, please). If you're unsure whether you owe money, please contact the Registrar. Transcripts will not be printed for a student who owes money.

Seniors: Final Transcripts

When you've decided where you'll be attending college, you must order a Final Transcript to be sent to the college of your choice. Do this through whichever process your college prefers: Parchment, mailing by Registrar, Common App, SendEDU, or other procedure specified by your college. If you don't order your Final Transcript, a hold will be placed on your college account and you won't be able to register for classes!

Unofficial transcripts

Students are welcome to request an unofficial copy of their transcript from their counselor.

NCAA policy: Test score reporting

NCAA does NOT accept ACT and/or SAT scores sent on official transcripts. Students must arrange to have their test scores sent directly from ACT or College Board (SAT) to NCAA (select code 9999). NCAA rules require that ALL test scores must be reported.

Information on ACT score reporting here

Information on SAT score reporting here 

Transcripts: FAQs

Are you 18 or older? Your parent/guardian cannot order your transcript for you. The registrar needs your official signature.

Diplomas can be withheld from students who owe money for transcripts. Don't let those small fees add up! Check with the Registrar to see if you owe money. Remember: official transcripts cost $1 each after the first four.