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Academic Standards



  • Use of Semester Grades Only – Academic Eligibility will be determined by semester grades (6/9 week marking period grades will no longer be used).  BUT, if a student is deemed ineligible at semester, he/she will be able to gain eligibility at the next marking period.  

  • If you have received an "F" in any course during the spring of the 2019 academic year, you are academically ineligible to play. You may, however, retake the course over the summer to regain eligibility, but it must be the exact same course.

  • If you have an "F" at any point during the season, you will be academically ineligible.

  • If you drop below a 2.5 cumulative GPA during the course of the season, you will be academically ineligible to play (APS' standard is 2.0 GPA, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard).