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Common Application

The Common Application is a generic online college application accepted by over 800 U.S. colleges & universities.  It allows students to apply to multiple colleges through just one application, and includes sections for an essay, letters of recommendation (from counselor and teachers), a resume, and your official transcript. 

You can start a Common App account as a junior, if you like, and it will roll over to senior year, when you will actually be submitting your college applications.

Note:   Contact your counselor or Ms. Velhagen -- whoever knows you better -- to discuss your Common App Counselor Recommendation and School Report (including official transcript upload). YOU MUST order your own ACT and/or SAT scores directly from the testing companies and have them sent to your Common App colleges.

Please give teachers and counselors a minimum of two weeks' notice when asking for Common App or any recommendation letters, and check in with them re: what they require from you (often a resume, personal statement, questionnaires) and how you can help them write you a detailed and supportive letter.